Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Transcripts

Jay Leno Interview
August 24, 1998

Good Morning America
March 26, 1998

CBS This Morning
February 26, 1999

Channel 6 News
June 3, 1999

The Grass Is Blue Interview

Halos And Horns

Halos And Horns
Cut-By-Cut Interview

American Morning With Paula Zahn
July 9, 2002

BBC Radio 2 Interview
July 31, 2002

MSN Live Chat
August 15, 2002

Larry King Live
July 3, 2003

Larry King Live
September 30, 2005

Larry King Live
February 15, 2006

"Better Get To Livin'" Press Release
August 25, 2007

Backwoods Barbie Q&A
September 5, 2007

Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Parade Press Release

November 15, 2007

Backwoods Barbie Tour Press Release
December 21, 2007

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