Dolly Parton
Channel 6 News
Interview from June 3, 1999

Clay Thomas:  Dolly Parton is also excited about the new Nascar Speedpark.  Because of the amazing growth of the area where she grew up.  But earlier today, she told me she doesn't have time for racing.  Too much else is going on.

Cut to clip of "Salt In My Tears"

Clay:  With songs to sing and movies to act in, Dolly Parton says she has little time to think about Y2K, but we found out she is preparing in her own special way.  A lot of people are preparing for Janurary 1st by stockpiling water, stockpiling food, preparaing their computers, just to give a tailspin.  You're preparing by giving a party.  Huh?

Dolly:  Well I'm gonna party.  But of course I wanted to be in Tennessee.  I didn't want to be gone.  I didn't want to be in an airplane.  I didn't want to be somewhere I couldn't get home just in case so I know they're having this Opryland Grand Celebration 2000 and I figured, well, I'm at home anyway so I'm a'gonna party 'til the lights go out.  And I wanted to be a part of it so I'm actually on the first, Janurary the 1st so we'll know by then If we've partied the lights out or not.  Of course we've got Ray Charles, gonna be on the 30th.

Clay:  You know, he dosen't care if the lights go out does he?

Dolly:  That's right he won't know if the lights go out.  He won't care!

Clay:  Ray Charles will join Dolly, Jeff Foxwothy and others here at the Opryland hotel for a four day party to bring in the new year called Grand Celebration 2000.  Want to join Dolly?  Three and four night packages are now for sale, but that is not all she has to sing about.  Her park, DollyWood is expecting its best season ever especially with the new Tennessee Twister Roller Coaster.  Just don't look for Dolly on this ride.  Have you ridden that yet?

Dolly:  Do I have to answer that?

Clay:  Yeah, you do.

Dolly:  I don't actually ride those rides they scare me to death.  They always try to make me ride.  They say it's not good for business that I don't and it's not hurting business at all.  I believe the kids think if it's too scary for me to ride it must be good.  So actually it's doing great, but I don't do good on rides with this hair.  I don't want to leave my wigs hangin' on the tree, hangin' up there on the Smokies.

Clay:  Now that's one thing you won't hear in one of her songs.

Ends with clip of "Salt In My Tears"