Dolly Parton

Dolly Movies & Videos
These are all of Dolly's movies and related videos that are currently available on Blu-Ray and DVD.
9 To 5
Live & Well
Steel Magnolias
Unlikely Angel

Dolly Appearances & TV Shows
These are movies, shows and documentaries in which Dolly appears, but is not featured.

60 Minutes
DVD/April 28, 2009

Morley Safer profiles Dolly in her Tennessee mountain home, at her Dollywood theme park, and on Broadway to discuss a career.

Charlie Rose
DVD/June 5, 2009

Charlie Rose interviews Dolly about her life and career in her first sit down interview with him.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Dolly plays herself and shows up at Jed's birthday party to perform "If You Ain't Got Love".  Film co-stars include 9 To 5-pals Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman.

Behind The Scenes

Features behind the scenes and interview footage of the making of For God & Country as well as music videos for "Shine", "Dagger Through The Heart" and "I'm Gone".

Chet Atkins: A Life In Music

A documentary on Chet Atkins that has both interview and performance footage of Dolly throughout.

Country Legends
Dolly Parton and Friends

A collection of great performances from Dolly's 1976/77 variety show, Dolly.

For The Love Of Dolly

Think you're Dolly's biggest fan? This documentary follows some of Dolly's most devoted fans as they try to meet their favorite country queen.

Jackie's Back

Dolly and a slew of other celebrities make cameos in this Lifetime original movie.

Kenny & Dolly - Real Love

Live concert of Dolly and Kenny Rogers from the mid 1980s singing their greatest hits.

Magic School Bus Holiday Special

In this popular children's cartoon, Dolly plays Miss Frizzle's cousin Murph who teaches the kids about the importance of recycling.  The episode includes a musical finale of Dolly singing with the cast.

Nashville Sound

Contains two older performances of Dolly from the 1960s.