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Mission Statement
We at Dolly Parton On-Line strive to make the best and most comprehensive on-line website resource for news and information on the busy career of Dolly Parton.  We want to provide Dolly fans everywhere with the top on-line Dolly Parton news, information, discography, lyrics, photos, multimedia, and much more.  We are also here to assist members of the media by answering questions, helping them use current and accurate information on Dolly, providing or locating images to use in their work, and anything else that may be needed.

Site History
This website first began construction in June 1998 and was released to the public on August 3 that same year, but it wasn't long before the site underwent some major changes. Over time, after a multitude of different layouts and designs, hundreds and hundreds of updates, and thousands of long hours spent at the computer, the site steadily grew from Chris's Dolly Website into what is now known as Dolly Parton On-Line.  Along the way, Chris met hundreds of Dolly fans from every corner of the globe, many of whom helped contribute towards the website.

One fan in particular was Chris Barnes. Soon after first releasing the site, Chris met another Dolly fan named Chris who was another young and dedicated fan just like himself.  In the beginning, Chris B. significantly contributed to the site, helping out with lyrics, photos, transcripts, and much more.

It wasn't long before Chris B. decided it was time to create his own site, so with Chris W.'s help, he created Chris's Dolly Pages which eventually grew into Dolly Parton Central.  But as time went on, Chris W. simply did not have the time to continue updating Dolly Parton On-Line and the site fell by the way-side for awhile.

With each of them not having the time to fully maintain their sites, both agreed that if their two sites merged together, it would allow them to share in the responsibility of updating and cut down on the work load.  So on January 31, 2004, the decision was made to merge Dolly Parton On-Line and Dolly Parton Central.  With each of them now covering different aspects of the site, this has allowed for more frequent news and information updates on Dolly's busy career.  Plans were made, a brand new layout was in order, and on April 1, the new site was unveiled.

We would like to thank the following people for being instrumental in the help and growth of this site...

  • The entire staff at Sugar Hill Records, especially Steve, Jennifer, Rob, Dan and Kim for being kind enough to provide information, photos, and other materials to use on this website.
  • Sean, Miracle, Stephane, Bubba, Chris B., Bobby, David, Jennifer, Solomon, Carl, Per, Maureen, Greg, JoAndra, Rob, Zach, Louise, Rondele, Jon, Bridget, Jonathan V., Michael, Rikke, Todd, Kelsey, and Anthony for contributing lyrics to our massive lyrics archive.
  • Everyone who has sent us news tidbits and information to post on our site.  We couldn't even begin to list everyone here, but you all know who you are and we thank you.
  • All the other webmasters out there who were kind enough to link to our site.
  • A huge thank you to anyone who has every shown any kind of interest or appreciation for the work that we put into this site.
  • To Dolly, on behalf of all the fans, thank you for all you've given us.

Awards & Acclaim
Here are just some of the awards and acclaim we have received through the years...

"Best bet...a great resource for fans. Includes song lyrics, news, pix, info on her movie career and stylish wallpaper to download on your desktop."
-Mary Pat Hyland
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin writer
who ranked us as the #1 Dolly site on the web