Dolly Parton
MSN Live Chat
August 15, 2002

Digital Dish Diva says:  Welcome to MSN Live!  This afternoon we are very pleased to welcome legendary recording artist, Dolly Parton to MSN Live!

Digital Dish Diva says:  Dolly, it's such a pleasure to have you here for the first time!

Dolly Parton says:  I would love to say "hi" to everybody out there.  I see there are a bunch of you!  So we should have a FUN time!

miss-mona in Onstage3 asks:  What side of the family did you get your wonderful witty remarks from? Or was it from both sides?

Dolly Parton says:  It was actually from both sides.  My dad's people had a great sense of humor and my mom's were just hysterical.  I get the music from my mom.  I think country poor people use humor to get them through.

TexasHippieChic1 in Onstage3 asks:  After the 9/11 trauma, do you feel that there needs to be a more patriotic tone in music today?

Dolly Parton says:  I think that it is the duty of every poet, writer, singer to express themselves not only for themselves but for those who can't do it.  I know that I wrote a few songs that are in the CD that were based on my emotional feelings.  One being "Hello God" and the other being "Raven Dove."  I felt I needed to say something.

2doorsdown in Onstage1 asks:  Dolly, are you working on a video for "These Old Bones"?  My friends and I memorized this song first.  It is the best!

Dolly Parton says:  I LOVE "These Old Bones" and I'm so happy to hear you do.  You'll like this!  I'm working on the video.  I wrote the song and did the old lady part myself.  I'm going to the dentist in the morning and he's going to make me some teeth so I can play the old lady in the video.  I'll play both parts, and direct.  I'll be getting some aged teeth.  I'm getting a guard because I didn't want to screw up my own good teeth.  (laughs)  When I do a TV show, I will include this character so Old Bones will be around for a LONG time.

DixieNormous5 in Onstage1 asks:  Hi Dolly, do you plan to return to acting any time soon?

LAMassage in Onstage4 asks:  Dolly, what is up for you in regards to any more film or TV work in the near future?

Dolly Parton says:  I do hope to do TV.  I'm working on the "Mae West" story at this time.  It's a TV Movie of the Week.  They're very excited about it.  I do hope to continue with movies.  And in the future I would like to do a musical TV show, a syndicated show.  I did a variety show years ago and it wasn't as well received, so the next time I'll be more in charge of it and not let others make all the decisions.  It is very hard to see someone else's vision and be what they see you as when you're not like that.  But I did have a lot of fun.

ImageMakers in Onstage3 asks:  Dolly, you've always worn gorgeous clothes, but it seems recently that you've taken to very bright, gorgeous colors onstage.  Who designs your wardrobe?  Do you tell them what you want or just let them go wild?

Dolly Parton says:  I have different people that do some of my clothes.  There's a lady named Debbie Maguire and Bambi Gregstone and Robert Bahar (We just called him Robear).  (laughs)  My fans may remember Tony Chose and I miss him so much.  I think that Robear is the closest thing I have found.

1stpik in Onstage3 asks:  Dolly, we're still waiting for the sequel to "9 to 5."  When's it coming?

Dolly Parton says:  Well I'm not sure that's every going to happen.  We've tried through the years to come up with something as good as the first one.  I'm not sure Lily or Jane or Dabney would be interested.  I told them we need to do it soon or it would be "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly."  (laughs)

tiffyc88 in Onstage3 asks:  Did someone from your family write the Gospel song "I am Ready?"

Dolly Parton says:  Yes.  My sister Rachel.

inga777 in Onstage3 asks:  Dolly, its 4am over here in Australia and my eyes are hanging out of my head.  Could you pleeease tell me if you are going to come to Australia again.  I haven't seen you in 15 years.  Love you.  Ingrid

Dolly Parton says:  Yes, I am coming to Australia, and hoping to do it next year.  We have so many fans there.  I have just put together a band again.  We'll be going to England, Ireland, and then to Australia.  I had one of the best times of my life when I was there with Kenny Rogers, which is probably when you saw me there.  So yes, I'll be there and I can't wait!!

SmoglessTaz in Onstage1 asks:  Hi, Dolly.  What kind of reception do you get from UK fans?

Dolly Parton says:  I think probably the UK fans are some of my biggest fans.  I go over there in October.  I think probably the reason the UK fans like me so well is because I write a lot of Old World music that comes from there.  It's really steeped in that old ballad.  I love that English and I love that music.

miss-mona in Onstage3 asks:  What is your personal favorite song on "Halos and Horns"?  I love you!

Dolly Parton says:  Thank you!  I love you too!  "Halos and Horns" is one of my favorites.  My personal favorite would be "These Old Bones."  I based it on my mother's voice and how she sounds.  Another favorite is "Hello God" which I will hopefully be performing at the CMA Awards and hopefully will be my next single.

eoresfriend in Onstage1 asks:  You and Kenny sing so well together.  Will you ever sing together again, l loved "Islands in the Stream."

Dolly Parton says:  "Islands in the Stream" is one of my favorite records and Kenny is one of my favorite people.  We talk about getting together and do some songs either on my album or his, but we'd love to do another complete album together.

SLR says:  Do you think that the success of the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack revived more interest in your music, along with other traditional country artists?

Dolly Parton says:  I think it's wonderful what "O Brother Where Art Thou" has done.  We released the album before the movie came out.  I think Bluegrass deserves it's just dues.  Anything that comes along whether it be George Clooney or me or Ricky Scaggs, whatever makes it more popular.  I'm thankful for them all.

silverdolphins12 in Onstage1 asks:  I lost my mom, grandma, and someone else (all suddenly) within the last 2 years.  When you're emotionally blocked up, how do you get back on track writing songs?

Dolly Parton says:  I'm sorry to hear about your family.  It's a very hard thing to do.  I lost my dad a year and 8 months ago.  I still dream about him, I feel he's very close so in some ways it's inspired me to write more.  What would daddy want me to do?  You just have to open your heart and go on and know they are in a better place.  You can't allow yourself to close yourself down.  You have to close yourself down for a short time like in one of my songs "A broken heart, like a broken wing must have time to heal."

LAMassage in Onstage1 asks:  Dolly, who has inspired you the most in your life?

Dolly Parton says:  I've been more inspired by my family.  My mother has been a great inspiration, my uncle Bill Owens was my first manager and taught me how to structure songs and play guitar.  My aunt Dorothy Jo is a great writer.  I wrote "Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher" with her and I've gotten a lot of help from her.  I'd have to say with all the stars out there, most of the stars that influenced me are in my family.

Dolly Parton says:  Most of them are completely nuts!  And I would think "Why can't I be an only child?"  Then I think my childhood would have been so boring.  So I'll take the crazy ones.  (laughs)

lanam0899 in Onstage1 asks:  Who would you love to record a duet with?  Would you be interested in doing a duet album with various?  How about a live DVD from the Halos & Horns tour or all your videos or your TV shows?  We'd all love it!!!

Dolly Parton says:  Well that's a loaded question!!  So yes, yes, yes, and yes!  I would love to do all of that.  I would love to do a duet album, as for a particular person, I can't think of who that would be.  I would love to sing with all the great ones and hopefully I'll get around to doing that.

AdamLovesDollyParton in Onstage1 asks:  What will be the new attraction at Dollywood for next year?

Dolly Parton says:  We have not had our big planning session just yet.  We'll have that soon and decide.  We're thinking about adding to the new museum.  Dollywood has been open for 17 years now and as soon as we know what our new addition for next year will be we'll put out a press release.  So look for that.

JFrazier in Onstage1 asks:  Dolly, you were great in Nashville & Atlanta.  What can fans expect to see you do at your Dollywood Foundation Benefits in December?  You're the best.

Dolly Parton says:  Well thank you very much.  I'm glad you're planning on coming!  What we're planning to do, since this is the first contest I'll be doing in 10 years, because the fans want to see what I'm doing now, we're planning to do the shows I've done in Nashville, and then finish up with Christmas songs.  We'll be doing at least 3 shows for the Christmas weekend.

Digital Dish Diva says:  It sounds like a great weekend.

Dolly Parton says:  Every year we raise money for the foundation, we're very involved with the education of children.  We give a book to every child in the county every month from the time they are born until they start Kindergarten.  We started it in our own area and now the United Way is involved.  The money we raise from the Dollywood show goes to really great things.

Digital Dish Diva says:  Learn more about this foundation at

bamablueeyedgal in Onstage4 asks:  Where did you come up with the idea about the Dixie Stampede?

Dolly Parton says:  Well Dixie Stampede we think is a wonderful idea.  We've seen this all over the country, like at the Excaliber in Vegas where they have jousting.  So we do a country show and everyone loves it.  And we do a lot of work with charities.  So we're not just sticking the money in our pockets.  People can come and have a great meal, have fun, and it's good for everyone.

sugarangel786 in Onstage1 asks:  Will you be visiting DollyWood anytime soon?  I loved the park.  I got to go for the first time this summer and I loved it.  I loved Tennessee Tornado.

Dolly Parton says:  (laughs)  Ha!  Everyone loves that one.  I don't ride rollercoasters, because I'm chicken.  The more I don't want to ride it, the more popular it will be.  (laughs)  I think the Christmas shows are on the 13th and 14th, you should check the calendar.  I'm hoping to get there for the Fall Festival.  Otherwise it will be December.

DISCOVERY12 in Onstage3 asks:  Have you ever had stage fright?

Dolly Parton says:  I think you'd be crazy or made of stone if you didn't.  But my desire to do it was greater than my fear.  I definitely get those butterflies, and I get that excitement.  The second the lights hit me, all that giddiness leaves me and I'm in for the long haul.  You'd be lying if you said you didn't get those feelings.

Milo9345 in Onstage3 asks:  Do you have some nice heartwords for me?

Dolly Parton says:  How grateful I am to my fans, and for all the questions, like yours.  I would say seeing your little girl's dreams come true.  We all have dreams, and I've had knocks and bings, but to be able to go out there and be happy and make people happy.  So my heart says, "I love you."

BounciestMarineboundGurl in Onstage3 asks:  Dolly you are still so pretty and young looking do you have any beauty tips for young women to start using to stay young looking like you?

Dolly Parton says:  I think it's always good to take care of yourself.  And thank you for the wonderful compliment.  I'm certainly not that young.  What makes me young is my personality, and it shines out.  I do use makeup, and take care of myself.  But more than anything, happiness does more for you than anything you can buy.

Digital Dish Diva says:  Have you considered your own line or makeup?

Dolly Parton says:  I started one, but I was never as happy as I wanted it so I didn't want to go with it until it was right for my fans.  So I do hope to have a line of makeup some day and perfume.

Digital Dish Diva says:  Do you have a favorite scent?

Dolly Parton says:  I love different fragrances, but I don't like soft scents.  I like spicy.  My favorite perfume was Intrigue by Mary Kay and it has been taken off of the market.  When I first said that I had lots of fans send me some, and hey, I'm still open.  (laughs)

Digital Dish Diva says:  Dolly, that's all the time we have for today.  From all of us here at MSN Live and from your fans from around the world best of luck with "Halos and Horns."  We'd be honored to have you back anytime.

Dolly Parton says:  This has been fun for me and I appreciate you.  I'm glad you wanted to hear from me.  I'll be on the road to come and see you, so come and see me.