Dolly Parton
CBS This Morning
Interview from February 26, 1999

Mark McEwen:  Back in 1987, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton made their award winning album, Trio.  Ever since, everybody's been waiting for a follow-up.  Well, wait no more.  Trio II has finally hit the stores.  We're pleased to have Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton here to perform for us.  Morning, ladies.

Dolly, Linda, & Emmylou:  Well, good morning.

Mark:  Well, let me see.  Flip the coin, who do I start with.  Okay, let's start with you, Linda.

Linda:  Okay.

Mark:  Tell me about singing with these two ladies.

Linda:  Well, it's an astounding experience.  I get to do things with my voice that I—I get to make sounds that I never make in my ordinary life—you know, nice sounds and, and I get to, to see things from completely different point of view.  To pick a song for the Trio is something that has to be picked for the three of us and for the Trio and it's, it's, you know, its own particular thing.

Mark:  Emmylou, the first album came out twelve years ago.

Emmylou:  Right.

Mark:  What were the initial conversations between the three of you on how, 'Should we do this?  We should do this?  Should we make an album'-

Emmylou:  You mean should we make a sequel or-

Mark:  The first one.

Emmylou:  Oh, I think there was never any question.  The first time we got together in a room, together, we sang, we loved the sound and we said "We have to do a record," and from that point, it took us quite a few years to do the first one.  Same problem, scheduling and everything.  But there was never any question that we had to, to put that sound on tape, if for nobody else, I think just for ourselves.

Mark:  Alright, let me talk to my girlfriend here.  Dolly, we talked about this so many times.  What is wrong with country radio?  That, I said, "Is there a single?  Is it going out?"  And There's resistance to playing the three of you?  What's that all about?

Dolly:  Well, we're hoping that they might play this one.  We never can tell, but I think music has just changed a great deal and we don't begrudge that.  We've all had wonderful careers and there's a lot of new people coming along, too, but we still think we're young and we still think we're good and we still think we'd like 'em to play us.

Mark:  Well, that makes a quartet of people who think that here.  Trio, Dolly, Linda, Emmylou Harris, would you sing for us?

Dolly:  Yeah!

Mark:  Trio II.

[Trio performs "High Sierra."]

[Audience applauds.]

Dolly:  Oh, now here he comes.

Mark:  Ladies, ladies, I tell you, you know, in the middle of a rainstorm, sometimes a rainbow comes out.  Thanks for being the rainbow today.

Dolly, Linda, & Emmylou:  Thank you.

Mark:  Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Trio II.  Go buy this record!

Dolly:  Yeah!

Mark:  Radio, play this record!