Dolly Parton

Puppy Love

Song Information
By: Bill Owens & Dolly Parton
Original Appearance: 1959 Goldband Single
Compilations: Dolly [Box Set]
Alternate Versions: None


Puppy love, puppy love
They all call it puppy love
I'm old enough now to kiss and hug and I like it
It's puppy love

Pullin' my pig tails makes me mad
When you kiss me, makes me glad
You turn to leave and make me sad
Still you're the sweetest sweetheart I've ever had

Repeat Chorus Twice

Sometimes you won't even carry my books
The next time you'll see me you'll rag on my looks
You're meaner to me than a mean ole crook
And I must confess I'm really hooked

Repeat Chorus