Dolly Parton

I Feel The Blues Movin' In

Song Information
By: Dell McCoury
Original Appearance: Trio II
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Though the miles are between us
I thought our love would strengthen
As it has so many times before
But something has happened
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel my world is crumblin'
And the blues are at my door


The last letter that you wrote was
On a blue piece of paper
That old feelin's back
The clouds are movin' in

The beginning of the end is near
I feel your love has faded into darkness
It seems I have no friend
I feel the blues movin' in

Oh it's not the words you wrote that made me sad
And broken-hearted
That's put me in this sad shape I'm in
Between the lines are mixed emotions
And there's teardrops on the paper
You said that's all I'll write today
I'll cose for now old friend

Repeat Chorus

My state of mind is desperate
And this hole that I'm sinkin' in
Gets deeper while I'm diggin' to get out
Oh please give the right answer to the questions I'm askin'
Tell me you still love me
That would turn my world about

Repeat Chorus