Dolly Parton

We Had All The Good Things Going

Song Information
By: Jerry Monday & Mervin Shiner
Original Appearance: My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

It wasn't very long ago
We had a love few people know
And everything was going oh so fine
I trusted you, you trusted me
The way that it's supposed to be
But love slipped from us somewhere down the line


We had all of the good things going baby
You know we did, everything was fine
Enjoying the taste of the good life
We all look for but few can find

It's gone but we can't understand
How luck could slip right through our hands
All down the line things seemed so very right
The love we shared through all these years
We both knew that we were sincere
Then suddenly it left just overnight

Repeat Chorus

Now that we've gone our separate ways
I still recall those brighter days
Days that didn't seem so very long
Neither of us ought to blame
We overly know that it's a shame
And all that we had going now is gone

Repeat Chorus