Dolly Parton


Song Information
By: Dolly Parton
Original Appearance: Back To The Well
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Oh, sweet darlin' kick your shoes off, let your hair down, get in bed
Come and lie down here beside me, chase the demons from my head
Oh, this day has been a devil, come here angel, make it right
Undercover heavens waitin' will take me there tonight


Undercover angels hover as we cuddle up in bed
Undercover words are uttered even poets never said
Undercover I would rather be with you than anywhere
We are undercover lovers and I run to meet you there

Private eyes and private moments
Private words and flying sparks
Sharing fantasies and secrets
Fiery kisses, racing hearts

It's a sacred place we go to
Magical and sexy too
And when we go undercover
There is only me and you

Undercover we discover there's another world besides
Besides this crazy one we live in, we can leave it all outside
Go undercover

Come here darling
Let me hold you
Jump in here beside me
When the world has flown to pieces
You can always come to me

Let me touch you
Let me kiss you
You don't have to say a word
What you tell me with your body
Beats all I've ever heard

Repeat Chorus

Come and lay down by my side
Undercover heaven's waiting
And we're going there, going there
Going there tonight