Dolly Parton

The Bird That Never Flew

Song Information
By: Porter Wagoner
Original Appearance: Dolly Parton Sings, My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Sometimes we feel the power of God's great hands are felt by some not worthy
While those who sing and praise God's name seemed to be passed by
But worthy or not, God loves us all, even a little bird that couldn't fly
Why is life given and taken away too soon for some to tell
And others live for many years and walk a path to hell
A cripple since birth may speak God's name in tender tones with pain
While a man with health and friends and wealth will take God's name in vain
But God's reasons must not be known or questioned by me and you
Like the little bird I saw, the bird that never flew

I feel close to each thing that God has made, the earth, the sky, and the sea
And each creature living here belongs to Him, even you and me
And one day while I was walking alone admiring some of God's beautiful things
By the path on which I walked, I saw a small bird that had no wings
So I sat down and I held out my hand and that little bird climbed upon
And I held him for a long, long time, I thought maybe that his mamma might come

At last he looked at me as though he knew
That he'd found him a friend and a home for a bird that never flew
So I built him a little house on the ground like few birds I'm sure have ever known
And he seemed to be so happy there with his new friends and his new home

And for two years I fed him and I watched him as with the other birds he'd play
But when they got tired of playing, they'd just fly away
Then a look of loneliness in his eyes as he'd watch the birds fly into the blue
But then a look of understanding as though he knew why he couldn't do that too

And then one summer evening at sunset, I saw a perfect picture of love
Everyone of his little playmates were beautiful snow white dove
Then the ruffle of their feathers as they started into flight
Then I noticed that all the doves but one was white
And he looked like my bird, but he had wings of solid gold and brand new

And then I knew it was my bird, that little bird that never flew
Until then