Dolly Parton

Runaway Feelin'

Song Information
By: Dolly Parton
Original Appearance: Eagle When She Flies
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Got a crazy, restless feelin'
I cannot be consoled
Got an itchy urge to up and run
I think I've lost control
You do something to me
Something that I really can't explain
I ain't felt like this since I'ze a kid
And I never thought I'd feel this much again


I've got that runaway feelin'
Like to grab you up
Just run off, footloose and fancy free
Yeah, that thought's appealing
That runaway feelin's let my feelin's run away with me

I get all swimmy-headed everytime I look at you
Though love has blurred my vision, I still enjoy the view
Like Elvis and his hound dog, in a deep fog
I keep a'runnin' after you
I thought I'd been in love before
But before doesn't matter anymore

Repeat Chorus

Ah, run with it, boys

Repeat Chorus


I've got that runaway feelin' (runaway)
Runaway feelin' (runaway)
Won't you run away with me