Dolly Parton

My Tennessee Hills

Song Information
By: Janis Ian
Original Appearance: Billie's Bones [Janis Ian]
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

When all my dreams have been shattered
And the fabric of life comes undone
When it seems like nothing matters
And all of my good times are gone
Thereís a place that Iíve kept sheltered
From the sight of my sorrow and shame
Though itís years since I beheld her
She still calls my name


Iíll go home, Iíll go home
Where the wild shadows roam
And the dawn over mountaintops spills
Where the deer pause in flight
On the edge of the night
Iíll go home to my tennessee hills
Iíll go home to my tennessee hills

When all my vows have been broken
And my wild heart canít be tamed
When Iíve loved and lost once too often
And failure is my middle name
Thereís a place that holds forgiveness
And the promise of peace in despair
When Iím down to my last witness
Iíll be going there

Repeat Chorus Twice