Dolly Parton

Master's Hand

Song Information
By: Dolly Parton
Original Appearance: Golden Streets Of Glory
Compilations: Letter To Heaven: Songs of Faith & Inspiration
Alternate Versions: None

In the days before the flood
The world grew wicked and corrupt
But Noah was a good man
And the Lord unto him came

And He said to Noah
Go build an ark
Noah did and the sky got dark
And a great flood destroyed everything

Except for Noah and his wife
And their three sons and their wives
And a pair of every kind of creature
Walkin' in the land

And the people mocked
And they made fun
But ol' Noah worked til it was done
'Cause he was holding to the Masters hand


The Masters hand is always held out to us
And It will lead us to the promised land
And the evil of this world cannot out do us
If we are holdin' to the Masters hand

Three Hebrew children in days of old
Were marched into the fiery coals
'Cause they would not deny the Lord
Would not obey command

And the furnace roared like a mighty storm
But the Hebrew children saw no harm
The flame was smothered by the Masters hand

The Hebrew children loved their God
And with them in the flames He trod
To show the world that he was King
And ruler over man

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Had no fear of the fiery coals
'Cause they were holdin' to the Masters hand

Repeat Chorus


If we are holdin' to the Masters hand