Dolly Parton

Love Is Strange

Song Information
By: Mickey Baker, Sylvia Robinson, Ellas McDaniel
Original Appearance: Love Is Strange [Kenny Rogers]
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Love, ooooo, love is strange
Lots of people, ooooh, take it for a game
Once you get it, ooooo, you never want to quit
After you've had it, ooooh
You're in an awful fix
Your sweet lovin' is better then a kiss
When you leave me, ooooh, sweet kisses I miss

Hey, you sexy thing
How do call your lover girl?
I say lover girl
And if she doesn't answer?
I say you'd better come here lover girl
And if she still doesn't answer?
Well then it's baby, whoa baby
Baby baby baby baby
You're the one
Hmm, that oughta get her

Tell me something
How do you call your lover boy?
I say come here lover boy
Oh, what if he doesn't answer?
I say, aw come here lover boy
But what if he still doesn't come?
I simply say, baby, oh my baby
Don't tease me like that
Come here, baby
You're the one
Now who could resist that?

Love, love, love is strange
Lots of people, ooooh, take it for a game
Baby, woah baby, my sweet baby
You're the one

Tell me, when you call your lover girl
Do you ever do that growl thing?
You mean like, baby
Yeah, that growl thing
My sweet baby
Aww that should work

Well how do you call your lover boy?
Aww you know, I just do it all kinds of ways
Do you ever just let it all hang out?
Yes I do and I can go
Aw baby, ooh my sweet baby
Oh my baby, you're the one