Dolly Parton

J.J. Sneed

Song Information
By: Dolly Parton & Dorothy Jo Hope
Original Appearance: Joshua
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

At last I have caught up with you and you're a sight to see
Could this really be my outlaw lover J.J. Sneed
Could a woman with a painted face and pretty sweet disguise
Turn your heart against me with her evil cunning eyes, her evil cunning eyes

J.J. it's been you and me right from the very start
And every job we ever pulled, I'd always done my part
We agreed we'd stick together until the bitter end
And it was my understanding we were whole lots more than friends
A whole lot more than friends

And it was me that kept you on when nights were dark and cold
But I guess I didn't look like much in these old ragged clothes
But you said it didn't matter cause you love me that a' way
You said that no one else could ever steal your heart away
Steal your heart away

Do you recall the Union Bank we robbed in Franklin Town?
As we made our getaway the sheriff gunned you down
And I doctored up your bullet wounds and nursed you while you're sick
But now you have betrayed me, is that the thanks I get?
Is that the thanks I get?

Oh yeah J.J. I'm thinking now of how it all begun
Of all the times we've robbed and killed with our trustworthy gun
Why we stood off a possy once, J.J. just you and I
But now you have betrayed me and for that you're gonna die
Yeah for that you're gonna die

The good old days are over as we stand here in the rain
J.J. I'm gonna shoot you now, I hope you'll feel no pain
I hear hoof beats of the horses posse's on my trail
I guess I'll join you soon, but for now J.J., farewell
For now J.J., farewell