Dolly Parton

Home For Pete's Sake

Song Information
By: Rudy Preston
Original Appearance: My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

I became a woman of the world
'Cause I was fed up with the farm
And I thought pretty clothes and city lights
Running 'round both day and night
Could do no harm

A party girl, a mixer
I got myself into a fix for runnin' wild
So I wrote my dad and mom
And I asked if I could come back home
To have my child

I received a letter from the folks back home
And they said things were fine
They went on to say Pete
The boy I had broke up with
Was about to lose his mind
But I couldn't hardly read the rest
The words were being blocked by my tears
I'm feelin' so ashamed
He loved me then
He feels the same
He still cares

So I'm going home for Pete's sake
It was I who broke his heart
In the first place
If you try me one more time
More than I've made up my mind
And in the mornin'
I'm goin' home for Pete's sake
Yes for Pete's sake, my baby's and mine