Dolly Parton

Higher And Higher

Song Information
By: Gary Jackson & Carl Smith
Original Appearance: New Harvest-First Gathering
Compilations: Legendary Dolly Parton
Alternate Versions: None

All your love lifting me higher
Than I ever been lifted before
So keep it up, quench my desire
Then Iíll be at your side forevermore


You know your love keeps on lifting me higher
Higher and higher
I said your love keeps on lifting me
Higher and higher

Now once I was downhearted
This little loneliness my foes and friend
But when you came, he soon departed
And he never showed his face again

Repeat Chorus

Iím so glad I finally found you
Yes that one in a million girl
And now with my loving arms around you
I can stand up and face the world


Repeat Chorus