Dolly Parton

Do You Hear The Robins Sing

Song Information
By: Porter Wagoner
Original Appearance: Dolly Parton Sings, My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Where you live, you say the view is so beautiful
And the astroturf that's on your lawn stays green the whole year around
And the buildings are so tall, they almost reach heaven
But do you ever, ever hear the robins sing?


Do you hear the robins singing in the springtime?
While the mockingbird joins in his happy song
Is all the beauty in your world just artificial things?
Do you ever, ever hear the robins sing?

Where I live the butterflies still kiss the roses
And forget-me-nots still grow along the shady lane
And the weeping willow trees still swaying in the breeze
And often, I still hear the robins sing

Repeat Chorus


Do you ever, ever hear the robins sing?