Dolly Parton

Daddy Did His Best

Song Information
By: Jerry Chesnut
Original Appearance: Porter & Dolly
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

I remember when my daddy worked all day for just a dollar
And he never saved a penny, but at least the bills were paid
I've never seen a man work half as hard
And come home half as tired
Then give the Lord a tenth of all he made


Daddy said I'm making payments on a mansion
And so many times, he's told me this old world is not his home
And he told me he'd been promised he'd receive a fair reward
Daddy did the best he could then left the rest up to the Lord

Now I've never seen a man that had more reason for complaining
But he'd smiled at me explaining how he never walked alone
When they called me to his death bed
I remember how my daddy just looked up
And smiled and said I'm going home

Repeat Chorus

Since my daddy left this world for one much better
I've been watching people worrying more
Working for the things they can't afford
In a world that's filled with problems
No one's ever found the answers
To the things my daddy left up to the Lord

Repeat Chorus


Daddy did his best then left the rest up to the Lord