Dolly Parton

Change It

Song Information
By: Dolly Parton
Original Appearance: "Change It" iTunes Single
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Hello...I know youíve got a world of problems.
And you think you canít do anything to solve Ďem;
But I am here to tell you you can.

Somethiní got you down, got you chained and bound
Well break it. (Face it)
If youíve built a wall and know it needs to fall,
Then shake it. (Replace it)
Somethiní that you know is damminí up the flow,
Tear the damn dam down.
Let me explain it.
If you donít take the reigns, itís going to stay the same
Nothinís gonna change if you donít change it.


Letís do this!

Donít let fear and doubt leave you empty and without.

Verse 2:

You got somethiní on your mind thatís nagginí all the time,
Well nix it. (Resist it)
Somethiní in your life that just ainít sittiní right,
Well face it. (Just kick it)
If youíve lost your place somethiní in your face
If thereís an empty space and you canít name it.
That feeliní in your gut thatís got you in a rut,
Youíre made of better stuff and you can change it.

1st Chorus:

Change it,
You donít want your little light to never shine.
Change it,
Turn it up on bright and get your goals in line.
Thereís a great new world out there
For those who dare to claim it.
A better day is on the way and only you can change it.


Cha-cha-change, cha-cha-change, change it!
No dream you canít accomplish, no mountain you canít climb.
So activate your love and faith, you can change.

2nd Chorus:

Stand up, grab aíhold, give everything youíve got.
When the road is dark and cold, walk on fearing not.
Get your life in order, clean house and rearrange it.
Raise your voice and make a choice
Committed now to tear the damn dam down
And change it.
Change it.