Dolly Parton

Blackie, Kentucky

Song Information
By: Dolly Parton
Original Appearance: Love Is Like A Butterfly
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

In my home town of Blackie, Kentucky
He came passin' through one dark, gloomy day
And I considered myself as lucky
When he told me he would take me away

And though he was older, it made me no difference
His promise of riches was all I could see
At last I could leave the coal mines of Kentucky
And know something better than sad poverty

Blackie, Kentucky, you know that I'll miss you
But there are other places in the world I'd like to see
So I must take this chance to be somethin' more than nothin'
But I'll always hold you in my memory

But I've never adjusted to sociable livin'
The friends that he knows, they're all strangers to me
Thousands of miles from Blackie, Kentucky
In a mansion with a husband that never loved me

He won't let my family and friends come to visit
Because they are country and poor, he's ashamed
Oh, but I'd give my life, Lord, if I could just go see them
All that's changed about me is my name

Blackie, Kentucky, oh Lord, how I miss you
If I could come back home, I'd never leave you anymore
I'd like to see my poor, hardworking, coal-minin' Daddy
And Mama, and the kids, and the friends I knew before

My world is as black as the coal in Kentucky
He won't let me leave him - there's no way to win
I'll take my own life, dear God, please forgive me
But I've got to get back home to Blackie once again

An' I've left him a note, in the mornin' he'll find it
It's my last request and he can't refuse me
I've told him to bury me back in Blackie, Kentucky
Where my family and my friends can come and visit me

Blackie, Kentucky I'm comin' home to you
But different from the way you remember me before
So make me a place and I'll lay me down to rest
And I'll sleep in your arms forevermore
I'll sleep in your arms forever more