Dolly Parton

Anyplace You Want To Go

Song Information
Original Appearance: Together Always
Compilations: None
Alternate Versions: None

Crushed velvet drapes the walls of the room
Pillows all colours shapes and sizes on the floor
Mirrors on the ceiling reflect the candles burning low
Just close your eyes and travel any place you want to go


To Lovers Lane
Or far away to the mountain peaks of Spain
Cruise along the Amazon where the deep blue waters flow
Our imagination will take us any place we want to go

Though we can only go there in our minds
Cause we cannot afford such a luxury so fine
The little room we live in is not much we both know
but the dreams we share can take us any place we want to go

Tonight we'll go to some majestic island
Ride the waves when the tide is rising
Lying in the silver sands where gentle breezes blow
The beauty of our love can take us any place we want to go

Repeat Chorus


Any place we want to go