Dolly Parton
Extra TV
June 7, 2007
Dolly Parton: 'I'm Not Too Thin'

“Save Dolly’s Life!” “Afraid for her Life!” “Eat, Dolly, Eat!”

Those are just some of the alarming headlines about Dolly Parton’s shrinking frame that have the icon blasting back.

The legendary country queen is sitting down with “Extra” to set the record straight about what the tabloids are calling a health crisis, claiming Dolly is dangerously thin.

“They’re always saying things – I’ve lost too much weight, I’m anorexic, we’re worried about Dolly,” fumed the singer. “Then they’ll show a picture of me when I was heavier, then show one now – and it’s like, hey that looks good to me!”

Those recent headlines have made Dolly sympathetic toward Paris, Nicole and the rest of young Hollywood’s party posse.

“It’s hard,” Dolly admitted. “I feel sorry for them.”

But Dolly – who has been in the entertainment business for decades – has confidence Hollywood’s young women can survive.

“They're just young and they'll grow out of it,” she said. “We all have a right to be who we are, whatever it is.”

Dolly, who at age 61 is still making headlines, has other things to worry about besides the tabloids.

She’s hard at work guest starring on Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” much to the delight of her young fans.

“Every little girl in the world is so excited,” she revealed. “I wasn’t a star until I was on ‘Hannah Montana!’”