Dolly Parton
Country Weekly
August 25, 1998
Hungry Again Album Review
By Marianne Horner

      Dolly Parton's songs took her out of the Smoky Mountains and into our hearts.  She wrote simple, poignant songs such as "Coat Of Many Colors" that she wove around our senses with her shimmery voice, the flutter of a mandolin and the curl of a fiddle.
      With Hungry Again, co-produced by Dolly and her cousin Richie Owens, the legendary singer/songwriter takes us back again to the front porch of her old Tennessee home and makes us feel like kin as she mesmerizes us with 12 new homespun songs from her evocative pen.
      In her haunting voice, Dolly croons the tale about ol' Zeke rocking patiently on the front porch, watching the clouds for that band of angels he knows is coming in "When Jesus Comes Calling For Me."  She makes our hearts ache with compassion for the abused "Blue Valley Songbird" who seeks solace and release in her beloved music.  And she spins a gossamer, dream-like feeling of hope around us with her true-life fairytale about a poor girl whose rich imagination enables her to dream and pretend and prepare for a place out there on "Paradise Road."
      Simple and poignant, heaped deliciously high with savory lore and deep-rooted feeling, Hungry Again is like going back home again to where the heart is.  It's like going back with Dolly to where the world fell in love with her.