Dolly Parton

Those Memories Of You

  • Performed By Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, & Linda Ronstadt
  • Written By Alan O'Bryant
  • Steve Fishell:  Kona Hawaiian Guitar
  • Albert Lee:  Acoustic Lead Guitar
  • John Starling:  Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
  • David Lindley:  Mandolin
  • Mark O'Conner:  Fiddle
  • Russ Kunkel:  Drums
  • Kenny Edwards:  Ferrington Acoustic Bass

Those memories of you still haunt me
Every night when I lay down
I'll always love you my little darling
Until the day they lay me down

In dreams of you my body trembles
I wake up and call your name
But you're not there, and I'm so lonesome
Without your love I'd go insane

Repeat Chorus

I close my eyes and you're there with me
Your kiss I feel, your face I see
It's not your lips now that drive me crazy
It's just your haunting memory

Repeat Chorus


Until the day they lay me down