Dolly Parton
Just Because I'm A Woman: Songs Of Dolly Parton

Artist Quotes

Alison Krauss
"We've always been spoiled by getting Dolly's wondrous combination: her singing, her beauty, and the songs of real life that she's written.  So seldom is just one of those things focused on because we get the whole package.  And now, with this special record we don't get those other things: we don't get her beautiful face and voice, singing her true-life stories.  Now, the part of her that has been focused on the least is finally getting a full turn, and we get to see how truly wide-ranging her abilities really are.
Dolly's talent never ceases to completely amaze me.  The only thing that competes with it is her beauty.  Finally, after years of trying not to stare I've given up.  There is something that can overshadow these remarkable things.  The heart that lives inside this woman who exudes love and acceptance, generosity, strength, and humor to anyone and everyone.  I am privileged to have been around this fantastic creature."

Melissa Etheridge
"I chose the song 'I Will Always Love You' because I feel it is one of the most perfect songs ever written.  When you hear Dolly sing it, your heart breaks.  I wanted to pay tribute to her and the song by getting as close to that emotion as I could."

Joan Osborne
"Dolly Parton is a gifted artist cleverly disguised as a media superstar and sex bomb.  She does it all without breaking a sweat - or a nail.  Long may she reign!"

Shelby Lynne
"Dolly was the first female I ever recognized as a songwriter.  When I was growing up, I always wanted to know who wrote the songs.  I couldn't believe someone could sing so well, be so pretty, and write the songs too.
I chose Dolly's 'The Seeker' because it inspires something in me to want to be better.  It's so simple, but says it all.
It's an honor to record one of Dolly's songs, and an honor for all of us to be blessed with Dolly."

Mindy Smith
"I just wanted to say 'thank-you' to Dolly for taking a chance on a new artist by letting me sing one of her most-respected songs 'Jolene'.  It's been a humbling experience to participate on an album that includes so many amazing women especially Dolly who has raised the bar for all of us.  She is anointed."

Shania Twain
"Dolly Parton has been a huge musical influence and inspiration in my life from a very young age and continues to be to this day.  I have always drawn especially from her songwriting.  When I was asked to participate on this record I immediately said yes as long as I was able to sing my favorite song of hers, 'Coat of Many Colors'.  I have many Dolly favorites but this song is special to me because I can relate so well to her story.  It was a great honor to have been accompanied by Alison Krauss and Union Station and I hope Dolly enjoys the version as much as I enjoyed recording it."

Kasey Chambers
"I'm honored to be a part of this album and in the company of so many amazing women.  Having the chance to record one of the many great songs that Dolly has written is such a pleasure.  She has influenced us all in the past and continues to inspire us with her music.  Thank you Dolly!"

Sinéad O'Connor
"Dolly was a huge inspiration to me as a child.  A tiny woman with a huge voice.  A beautiful high and free voice.  Glorious to hear.  She has demonstrated for women the world over how much can be achieved by the power of the female voice.  She ought not be underestimated I guess, as some people kind of laugh when you say you're into Dolly Parton.  But she's a fucking genius.  And what's more, she's paying her own damn bills!"

Allison Moorer
"When it's all said and done, Dolly Parton is one of the few who will have said and done it all . . . her way.  She's an American original."

Me'Shell N'degéOcello
"It was great to work with a great, fun song.  A great lyric transcends all genres . . . and Dolly writes about heartaches, pain and also getting' up and movin' on."

Norah Jones
It was an honor for me and my band to be a part of this record.  You are a beautiful musician and an incredible person.

Dolly Parton
"From the bottom of my grateful country heart, I want to thank Steve Buckingham and all the great women who took part in this album.  As any songwriter can tell you, there is no greater compliment than to have someone else sing a song that you've written.  It's like bragging on your kids.  Thank you for being kind to my children."