Dolly Parton
Behind Closed Doors
  • Performed By Dolly Parton
  • Special Guest: Pig Robbins - Piano
  • Written By Kenny O'Dell
  • Eddie Bayers: Drums
  • David Hungate: Bass
  • Dean Parks: Acoustic Guitar
  • Reggie Young: Electric Guitar
  • Matt Rollings: Wurlitzer
  • Farrell Morris: Vibes
  • Background Vocals: Liana Manis, John Wesley Ryles, Dennis Wilson, Louis Nunley
  • Steve Dorff: String Arrangement
My baby makes me proud
Lord, don't he make me proud
He never makes a scene
Hangin' all over me in a crowd
'Cause people like to talk
Lord, don't they love to talk
But when they turn out the lights
I know he'll be leavin' with me


And when we get behind closed doors
Then we let out hair hang down
Then he makes me glad that he's my man
And no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

My baby makes me smile
Lord, don't he make me smile
I'm never far away
Or too tired to say I want to
I'm purring like a kitten
When e's out in public with me
But when they turn out the lights
He brings out the tiger in me

Repeat Chorus


Behind closed doors