Dolly Parton

Pure & Simple

1.  "Pure & Simple"
2.  "Say Forever You'll Be Mine"
3.  "Never Not Love You"
4.  "Kiss It (And Make It All Better)"
5.  "Can't Be That Wrong"
6.  "Outside Your Door"
7.  "Tomorrow Is Forever"
8.  "I'm Sixteen"
9.  "Head Over High Heels"
10.  "Forever Love"

Walmart Bonus Tracks
11.  "Mama"
12.  "Lovin' You"

Pure & Simple Info

Release:  August 19, 2016 by Dolly Records/RCA Nashville
Produced by:  Dolly Parton
Co-Producers:  Richard Dennison & Tom Rutledge
Music Advisor:  Kent Wells
Engineered by:  Tom Rutledge & Patrick Murphy
Mixed by:  Patrick Murphy
Background Vocals arranged by:  Richard Dennison & Dolly Parton
Creative Director:  Steve Summers
Master Draper:  Iisha Lemming
Creative Production Manager:  Rebecca Seaver
Hair:  Cheryl Riddle
Make-Up:  Candy Smathers
Photographer:  Fran Strine
Graphic Design:  Sarah Chapman, Jacob Timmons, S.D. Professionals LLC