Dolly Parton
Raven Dove
  • Performed By Dolly Parton
  • Written By Dolly Parton
  • Acoustic Guitar:  Gary Davis
  • Acoustic Guitar:  Kent Wells
  • Dobro:  Randy Kohrs
  • Fiddle:  Jimmy Mattingly
  • Bass Fiddle:  Terry Eldredge
  • Mandolin:  Brent Truitt
  • Piano:  Richard Dennison
  • Drums:  Steve Turner
  • Harmony Vocals:  Richard Dennison, Jennifer O’Brien & Vicki Hampton
Verse 1:

There will come a day when sorrow fades away,
And anguish and heartache shall ease,
No mothers cryin', no soldiers dyin',
And turmoil and misery shall cease.

Verse 2:

The hungry shall be fed, the aimless shall be led
And sad eyes will no longer weep,
The last shall be first, through heaven he'll burst
With his heavenly host from the East

1st Chorus:

Weapons to plowshares, hate turns to love,
Descending from heaven he'll sweep down to us
In radiant splendor; oh, won't it be sweet
When the raven of darkness turns into a white dove of peace
(Raven dove)

Verse 3:

Oh, there will come a day when I'll fly away
Forever to be in his keep
Eternal life in the sweet by and by
When raven dove, raven dove speaks

2nd Chorus:

When lambs walk with lions, a child tames the beast
Nations shall gather and bow at his feet
And loved ones shall rise up from their earthly sleep
And he'll separate all the chaff from the wheat.
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, how sweet
When the raven of darkness turns into a white dove of peace


Raven dove, behold he cometh in the clouds
And every eye shall see him
Sweet bird, sweet bird of peace
Raven Dove