Dolly Parton

The Grass Is Blue

The Grass Is Blue Album Cover

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1.  Travelin' Prayer
2.  Cash On The Barrelhead
3.  A Few Old Memories
4.  I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
5.  Steady As The Rain
6.  I Still Miss Someone
7.  Endless Stream Of Tears
8.  Silver Dagger
9.  Train, Train
10.  I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
11.  Will He Be Waiting For Me
12.  The Grass Is Blue
13.  I Am Ready

Released:  October 26, 1999 by Sugar Hill Records
Sold:  over 200,000 copies
Peak Position:  #198 (Pop); #24 (Country); #1 (Bluegrass)

Singles Released:

  • "A Few Old Memories"/"Train, Train"
    (Only released to radio stations)

Quick Facts:

  • The Grass Is Blue was Dolly's first ever full bluegrass album.
  • The Grass Is Blue was the number one selling CD at for one week.