Dolly Parton

A Real Live Dolly

A Real Live Dolly
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1.  Introduction By Cas Walker / Wabash Cannon Ball
2.  You Gotta Be My Baby
3.  Tall Man
4.  Medley: Dumb Blond / Something Fishy / Put It Off Until Tommorow
5.  My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
6.  Y'All Come
7.  Bloody Bones (A Story for Kids)
8.  Don Howser Makes Presentation
9.  Comedy By Speck Rhodes
10.  Run That By Me One More Time
11.  Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark
12.  Tomorrow Is Forever
13.  Two Sides To Every Story
14.  How Great Thou Art
2010 Reissue Live Bonus Tracks:
15.  Just Because I'm A Woman
16.  Daddy Come And Get Me
17.  He's A Go Getter
18.  Coat Of Many Colors

A Real Live Dolly Info

Release:  July 1970 by RCA Victor
Peak Chart Position: #154 (Pop); #32 (Country)
Chart Debut: August 8, 1970

Originally issued as RCA LSP-4387
Recorded April 25, 1970 at Sevier County High School, Sevierville, Tennessee
Produced by Bob Ferguson
Recording Engineer: Al Pachucki
Recording Technicians: Roy Shockley and Bill Vandevort
Photography by Les Leverett


Guitar & Vocals: Dolly Parton
Guitar: Terry Blackwell, Troy Jack Drake, Edward Howard, David Kirby, George McCormick, Dale Sellers
Bass: Bobby Dyson
Drums: D.J. Fontana
Guitar & Banjo: Buck Trent
Piano: Hargus "Pig" Robbins
Fiddle: James Buchanan, Johnny Gimble and Mack Magaha
Steel Guitar: Pete Drake
Background Vocals: Joseph Babcock, Dolores Edgin, June Page


A Country Girl Goes Home

"A Real Live Dolly" came home to Sevier County, Tennessee, April 25, 1970, to cut a real live album. This date will long be remembered by Dolly and the overflow audience that came to hear her. The album could have been made anywhere, but Dolly chose to come home to her alma mater, Sevier County High School, for the performance. During her career she will make stacks of albums, but this one has a special significance, for with this performance she established the Dolly Parton Scholarship Foundation. Scholarships from this fund will enable some worthy students at Sevier County High School to obtain a college education. She has asked that a portion of this fund be used to purchase basic instruments and equipment for the school band. The establishment of this scholarship foundation is a sincere expression of Dolly's love for other people and loyalty to her home folks in Sevier County. The foundation is a project for which she has great plans.

Dolly's rise to fame as a singer and writer in the country-music field did not come quickly or easily. When she was just a tiny girl, her uncles, Bill, Louis and Robert Owens, would bring her to WSEV and work for hours recording over and over a particular song they were trying to perfect.

Some of the songs on this album were written by Dolly and have been identified with her for a long time. From the album's first song, "Wabash Cannon Ball", to her tremendous rendition of "How Great Thou Art", the warmth of Dolly's personality and her exceptional musical ability come through to the listeners of this album.

The excitement of the night's performance reached fever pitch when Dolly's friend and duet partner, Porter Wagoner, dropped by to surprise both Dolly and the audience. Together they sang four of their greatest duets.

A great talent...a great gal...a real live Dolly...Dolly Parton.

-Hugh "Skip" Trotter
Sevierville, Tennessee