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A “Better Day” Has Arrived!

Dolly Parton's Better Day in stores today!Dolly Parton’s new Better Day album is in stores today! Dolly’s been busy chatting up the album in the media and reviews are pouring in from all directions.

Dolly chatted with Denver’s KDVR and explained the concept behind the album: “This Better Day album I thought was really a good time when people are kinda down in the dumps with the economy and all the things going on in the world. And I just thought, well we need to kinda be lifted up a little bit so I wrote all songs that had a ray of hope and a little bit of sunshine and promise in every one of them. And so hopefully will feel better after they hear it.”

Dolly also talked with Washington D.C.’s FOX 5 News and delved into her own philosophy and outlook on life: “I often say if I see something not right, I set out trying to make a little better. I’m a very positive person, I have a good attitude. That doesn’t mean that I’m always happy, I’m just a human being and I’m a songwriter so I have to live with my feelings on my sleeve…I really think that there’s enough sadness in the world so some of us should try to find all the happiness that we can.”

Dolly referenced the recent phony dooms-day prediction in passing while chatting with St. Louis’ KTVI saying, “Everybody is kinda down in the dumps with the economy and all the storms and devastation and all the wars and all the dooms-day stuff going on, people talking about the end of the world…Nobody knows when the end of time is coming but God, not some fanatic somewhere.”

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