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Dolly & Latifah Chat on Entertainment Tonight

Dolly and Queen Latifah were featured on Entertainment Tonight this week chatting about their upcoming film, Joyful Noise. Filmed on location of their movie set, Dolly raves about Latifah saying, “I love Queen Latifah! There’s only one difference between us: She’s cool, and I ain’t.” When asked about Dolly, Queen Latifah says, “I’m such a huge Dolly Parton fan; I don’t remember life without Dolly Parton. So to have a chance to work with someone who I kind of looked up to as a kid is really exciting for me, but for her to be so cool, down-to-earth and just funny and sweet and quick-witted, it’s just great.” Read a text version of the story from the Entertainment Tonight website or watch the full piece in the player below! Joyful Noise will premier in theaters January 13, 2012.

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