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Dolly Kicks Off 26th Season at Dollywood

Dolly Parton kicked off Dollywood’s 26th Season grand opening weekend today with a round of television interviews this morning and numerous appearances throughout the park today. She first appeared on Fox & Friends this morning live via satellite sitting in front of the park’s new ride, the Barnstormer. Wearing a tan turtleneck with black leather jacket and gloves due to the cold weather, Dolly chatted about filming her new movie Joyful Noise with Queen Latifah and Keke Palmer which just recently wrapped filming. Dolly got a chuckle from a clip the hosts played from yesterday’s show of actress/singer Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime’s new show Shameless who dueted with Dolly back in 2001 for the Songcatcher soundtrack, as she talked about Dolly, saying, “She has so much energy, she’s so self-possessed, she’s just really a…she’s a ballsy chick!” At the end of the interview, they asked Dolly about the recent passing of Elizabeth Taylor, whom Dolly had spent time with through her former manager Sandy Gallin. On Elizabeth, Dolly said, “I think everybody just always looked at her like royalty, and so I guess it would be fair to say that Hollywood’s lost its queen. And of course I knew Liz, I spent some time with her years ago when I worked with Sandy Gallin, my manager for many years and they were best of friends. So we would sit and talk about everything in the world, mostly food, we both loved to eat and we were both short and we talked about how hard it was to find clothes and things that fit us. But she’s going to be dearly missed, she was a wonderful talent.” Watch the full interview here:

Then Dolly did another satellite interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, whom Robin declared as “one of our favorite guests of all time.” Dolly discussed the opening of Dollywood and the new Barnstormer ride, taping Joyful Noise, Elizabeth Taylor, the new album, and her 2011 world tour, revealing that the Better Day Tour will include a second set of U.S. dates in October. On her upcoming album Better Day, Dolly said, “I’ve written all the songs in this one and it’s got a lot of uplifting and positive things which is why we call it Better Day. And of course in our tour, we hope to do a lot of the songs from that and songs that are kind of inspiring and lifting people up. Even the love songs are more of a positive nature in this CD.” Watch that interview here:

The rest of the day was spent doing various appearances throughout Dollywood. Dolly performed with the Kinfolks band in front of the new Barnstormer ride, singing “My Mountains, My Home”, “My Tennessee Mountain Home”, “Applejack”, and “Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man”. She then appeared at the Festival of Nations show followed by a parade through Dollywood. Tomorrow, Dolly is expected to make appearances in two of the Festival of Nations shows as well as another parade in the park.

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