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Watch New Grascals Video Featuring Dolly

Dolly is featured in The Grascals’ new single and music video for “I Am Strong” from their forthcoming album on Cracker Barrel/BluGrascal Records titled The Grascals & Friends – Country Classics With A Bluegrass Spin, due out next week on January 10th exclusively at all Cracker Barrel locations. The album also features Dolly on a cover of the Porter/Dolly classic, “The Pain of Lovin’ You”. Listen to audio clips from the album on the Cracker Barrel website. Watch “I Am Strong” in the player below!

One Response to “Watch New Grascals Video Featuring Dolly”

  1. Jacques Du Rand Says:

    Wow! I have just come through a very tough year related to cancer. My bf has just won his fight and is in remission now for 6 months already. I lost my father and an uncle and is about to loose a dear friend to cancer. Dolly,being my guide for how I should live my life and a personality I have looked up to since I was a young boy,being involved in a project that takes on cancer as a subject could not have come for me at a better time!

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