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Dolly Not To Perform On ACM Award Show

Dolly will not be performing on this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards show. A previous press release listed her among the show’s performers, but officials have confirmed that Dolly will not be appearing on the program which airs this Sunday, May 18th, at 8 PM on CBS.

5 Responses to “Dolly Not To Perform On ACM Award Show”

  1. kaylee Says:

    that is so NOT cool i was counting on her being there like always that is like the only reason i watch it and i am only 13

  2. tammy chekos Says:

    Im dissapointed as well as my little cousin who is on ther way to being 6. We just got through watching Smokey Mountain Christmas and now she’s a Dolly fan. Oh well I guess there is nothing we can do about:{

  3. Scott Says:

    Wish I had known before I watched the show. I only watched to see Dolly perform as I am not interested in most of the “new” singers these days. They should have just renamed it the Carrie Underwood Show since that is the only singer you seem to hear about.

  4. Rodney Boyers Pittsburgh PA Says:

    Iwas lookig for you!!! Oh well, next time. I did get to just recently see you live here in Pittsburgh PA, so I got my fix. Pittsburgh loves you Dolly!!! Please come back again!!!

  5. Darren Says:

    I think the Country Music Industry better WAKE UP and realize there are MILLIONS of fans that are SICK of the country sound that has come out the last 15 years. It is NOT even country anymore. Legendary singers and true talent are not even on the Awards shows anymore. This is NOT PROGRESSION .. it is stupidity, as Country has come a long way BECAUSE of the true legends.

    Dolly, I have watched the show “4” times, trying to see you, and I just googled the awards show and found out you were not performing. VERY sad. I am so disappointed and I used alot of time up to see you. I HOPE you will be back and HOSTING it, too. ONE song is not enough from such an incredible talent and legend.

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