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Dolly Wows Sold Out Crowd At Radio City

Dolly Parton plays Radio City Music Hall in New York on May 1st, 2008Dolly received a warm welcome from her New York City fans Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall. Fans lined up outside the venue early in the rain before the start of the show, eagerly awaiting their chance to see Dolly bring her magic to the city that never sleeps. Dolly appeared to have won over the audience from the first note as she opened the show in a white sequined dress performing “Two Doors Down”, “Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That” and “Jolene”. Striking a healthy balance of both new and older material, fans seemed to be equally familiar with Dolly’s new songs from Backwoods Barbie as they were with her older material. “Backwoods Barbie”, “Better Get To Livin'” and her show-stopping “Jesus & Gravity” were as equally received as “Coat Of Many Colors” and “Eagle When She Flies”.

Dolly Parton plays Radio City Music Hall in New York on May 1st, 2008After an intermission and costume change, Dolly charged back onto the stage singing “Baby I’m Burning” in a rhinestone-studded blue pantsuit. The show hit a lull during the middle of the second set with a medley of 50s, 60s and 70s songs that featured her band members taking the spotlight while Dolly dueted and sang backup. The energy was quickly recovered and the audience jumped to their feet once Dolly launched into a series of hits that included “Here You Come Again”, “Islands In The Stream” and “9 To 5”, the latter of which fans went wildly spastic for as they left their seats to dance in the aisles. The New York fans erupted in cheers when Dolly announced that 9 To 5: The Musical would be coming to Broadway in early 2009. Dolly then did the traditional closing of her show with “I Will Always Love You” before heading off-stage briefly before returning to perform an encore of “Jesus & Gravity” that became one of the highlight performances of the night. Read reviews of the show from The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and The Wall Street Journal. The full set list is as follows:

Dolly Parton plays Radio City Music Hall in New York on May 1st, 2008

  • Two Doors Down
  • Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That
  • Jolene
  • Thank God I’m A Country Girl
  • Backwoods Barbie
  • Eagle When She Flies
  • Shattered Image
  • Coat Of Many Colors
  • Only Dreamin’
  • Gospel Medley: Brother Love’s Travelin’ Salvation Show, I’ll Fly Away, When the Saints Go Marching In, Old Time Religion, Calm On The Water, Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man
  • (Intermission)
  • Baby, I’m Burning
  • Better Get To Livin’
  • The Lonesomes
  • Puppy Love
  • Band Medley: Great Balls of Fire, Bye Bye Love, Johnny B. Goode, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, My Girl, I’m Sorry, Respect
  • White Limozeen
  • Here You Come Again
  • Islands In The Stream
  • 9 To 5
  • I Will Always Love You
  • Jesus & Gravity (Encore)

Dolly Parton plays Radio City Music Hall in New York on May 1st, 2008Dolly’s Backwoods Barbie tour rolls on at the Borgata Casino tonight in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The first leg of her 2008/2009 Backwoods Barbie tour concludes May 11th at the Nokia Theater in Dallas, Texas. Tickets to some of Dolly’s remaining shows are still available via Ticket Master.

18 Responses to “Dolly Wows Sold Out Crowd At Radio City”

  1. Wagonmaster Says:

    Thanks so much for the set list. Are the names of the backing musicians and harmony singers available? Dolly announced them, but I couldn’t catch them all. Should have bought a souvenir program, I guess.

  2. Wagonmaster Says:

    Here is another favorable review, by Frank Scheck, posted at Yahoo News.

  3. gloria watson Says:

    I went to see Dolly at radio city thursday
    she was wonderful

  4. james Says:

    hi dolly keep rocking

  5. Hooty hoot, aka Tim Says:

    I went to the Boston show at the Opera House. As usual, she delivered a heart felt performance. Althought a tad too “Glam” for me. She got me at the age of 5, in VT where I grew up and I’m loving her song writing abilities the most. She’s impressive and inspirational, and spiritual too. I have looked past the big hair and boobs to see the real talent. I hope she keeps on rocking us and I’m attending the concert when she…”drops dead on stage” as she proclaimed in Boston.
    Keep the hits coming Dolly!
    Hooty Hoot

  6. emily Says:

    i go see her tonight! i cant wait! ahhh 🙂

  7. Faye Broomhall Says:

    I just wanna say go Dolly you were so good and amazing. Dolly I am so sorry of your loss of Dottie she was close to you and Loretta always talked about both of you at her shows. I seen you at Nokia in Grand Prarie Tx.

  8. Ken Says:

    Tomorrow (actually it’s today, ’cause it’s in the middle of the night now), it’s my turn to gaze at Dolly’s performance in Rotterdam; my hometown. I’m sóó excited! I’ll write a short review, and try to pay attention if she’s got another playlist over here! Ken

  9. Niicola Says:

    Going To See Her In Glasgow In Glasgow Next Friday Cant Wait:), Wunder Hoo Wull Be Her Bk Up Band:|

  10. becky and jason Says:

    going 2 c her at manchester on sat night, were sooooooo excited!!!!

  11. Anna Mc Donnell Says:

    im going to see Dolly tonight in Belfast in Ireland FRONT ROW seats and im so excited =)
    this is my second time i seen her last year and she was amazing but i was very far away. Hope this one is just as good =)

  12. Anna Mc Donnell Says:

    Dolly was awesome …. i brought a poster saying good golly miss dolly n she seen it and READ it =o I couldnt believe it .. den at the end she came to the edge of the stage and said thank you for the sign … it was amazing .. love her .. best concert ever and her bands amazing too

  13. elaine duncan Says:

    Just been to see Dolly in Glasgow, and she was brilliant!!!!


    Went to see Dolly in belfast, it was a totally amazn!! Her voice and band fantastic ! She can really work the crowd, she had the odyssey arena rocking, Cant wait 2 c u again, you are a legend!! xx

  15. Rachel and Mark Says:

    Went to see Dolly in Manchester on Saturday, WoW, amazing!
    Great night, thanks Dolly xxxx

  16. rosie,caroline and victor Says:

    went to see dolly in the odyssey she was brilliant cant wait to see you again loved the whole show thanks for being you love you lots xxxxx

  17. Emily Says:

    well, i didnt see this exact one!
    but i did see her at dte and she is amazing!
    i wish i could see her sometime soon again 🙂

  18. Troy D Says:

    I am so very excited to see Dolly on the 14th of November, here in Canada. I wonder if there is a meet and greet available. I would love a picture with her. She is amazing!!

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