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Dolly miming

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Dolly miming

Postby yorkshireman on Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:15 am

Why, oh why, does Dolly feel it necessary to cheat her fans by apparently miming (sorry, "pre-recording") a huge chunk of her live show? We paid £300 for two tickets for her MEN show and were appalled at how much of it she appeared to mime. If you're going to mime, at least be up front about it and tell people when they buy tickets. OK, fans want to see her in the flesh, but they also expect that 'live' means 'live'. You'd think that by now she'd have enough confidence in her own voice to be able to hack it in front of an audience without resorting to such cheap tricks.

I know I'll get abuse for this, but surely her true fans can't be happy about this? They deserve an explanation, if not an apology.

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Re: Dolly miming

Postby Chloannlou on Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:20 am

I've only been reading good things about her lately, such as this

The tour sounds promisingly good.
I'm about to purchase some tickets for one of her London shows, now I'm not so sure!
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Re: Dolly miming

Postby Kez on Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:29 pm

I saw Dolly on Sat 5th July 2008 at the 02 Arena (The Dome) and agree with you totally. I soon cottoned on to the miming - the video screen is rather unforgiving in these situations - it ruined the whole thing. It turned my visit into 'checking for the next slip up' rather than just enjoying the show. We travelled hundreds of miles there, so overnight hotel was a must, all the travel arrangements, the expence - London being one of the most expensive cities in the world (example: £20 just to park a car at The Dome), the rip off pricing of merchandise (£25 for a cheap quality t.shirt) the cost of food and drink there (£52 for 6 X baguettes and a few crisps) oh it goes on and on.
The lack of atmoshere in the hall during the show I can only put down to many others feeling the same - especially when she joked of her humble beginings and the price of a ticket now "but thank you, I do need the money" grrr. It was a plastic and shallow a show as you'd expect from an american theme park!
One of our group didn't spot the miming and had a great time til he heard me asking one of Dolly's crew about it - he said "Oh yeah, she mimes all the time" in such a matter of fact way it made us feel stupid for expecting a 'live' show - she even mimed playing her instruments!
She continually plugged her new album, dithered on her spoken words (though by and large quite humorous) and there seemed little thought or construction in the program (by the end of a seemingly endless 'Little Sparrow' I felt I wished I'd taken an air gun in to put it out of it's misery).
I felt that when she left the stage she was whisked off to an oxygen tent, only to be kept alive to be wheeled on for the next show - hence not letting down Dolly Inc. and squeezing every last penny from her loyal and gullible audience.
Silly us.
No more.
Goodbye Dolly.
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Re: Dolly miming

Postby TLC11 on Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:36 am

I totally DISAGREE. Yes you have your right to your own opinion, but I have to say that i just went to my first Dolly concert. We had four in my group. Fourth row seats. We all.... and these are my teenage kids who look for this sort of thing, right away noticed that Dolly was NOT lip syncing. Even my teenagers who are into the medal, and pop music, paid close attention to Dolly and they were all AMAZED!!! After the show all my kids commented about what a beautiful job Dolly did and they all said you could clearly see she put on a live show! Dolly put on a fabulous show and sang beautiful!!!.....

Also.... How could she prentend to play all those instruments? Dolly is a natural talent and why would she even go out and tour if she was not real? Did you ever think it would probably take more work and effort to try to lip sync, than to just be real?! It all just comes naturally to Dolly! About the joking about how much the tickets cost. I thought it was funny and quite humerous. After she joked about it, she did say how much she greatly appreciated and loved everyone of her fans. I felt it come from her heart and she was and is a sincere and I could clearly see Dolly is a TRUE person! Give her a break. She is human, just like you and me, she is not perfect. But no matter what, Dolly does capture my soul with her music and I love listening to her talk about her life.

Dolly does this for a living, it is a career, meaning it is her way of living and God gave her the gift.... a voice of an Angel. Making money is something that comes with making a living. We choose who we like and we choose who we want to buy tickets to go see in concert. It is our choice.

I am honestly saying and believe ME when I say this...if I did not like the show or felt in anyway Dolly was phoney or fake, yes it would have broken my heart, and i would speak the truth here and speak my mind, but I am honestly saying.... I have never been to a better concert than Dolly's!! I enjoyed every second of it and she really touched my heart and soul. :D

I am sorry you did not like the show.

Have a good day! ;)
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