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A lifelong fan in TX

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A lifelong fan in TX

Postby Rosemeade on Fri May 23, 2008 5:00 pm

When I was a little girl, my grandparents watched all of the Saturday county music shows. Most of them bored me, until Dolly came on! I didn't like Porter Wagoner too much, but I loved his girl singer and learned all of her songs by heart. Her voice still takes me back to a love filled home on Rosemeade Ranch in Texas and a precious grandmother who introduced me to country music.

When I got one of those funny little music machines for Christmas, I wondered why "Santa" brought it to me. Until I pulled out all the old records and cassettes and CDs and fed them into the new-fangled contraption. I put a little speaker on it and put it in my pocket, and now my Dolly music goes everywhere with me. I love it! Just like a little transistor radio from my childhood, without the annoying commercials!

Dollywood is my favorite vacation spot. I love the museums, and my heart went out to Dolly when her friend Dottie Rambo died on Mother's Day, especially since Dolly was on the road with her own tour. I hope Dottie Rambo's story will be added to the tour bus display at Dollywood.

I saw Dolly in TX on Mother's Day. That was my first big concert, ever. I loved every second of it, and we had great seats! I didn't buy a tour book because I didn't realize that was the only place to get them. Does anyone know if they can be ordered online? Or was I supposed to know that I had to buy it there? It really surprised me that every age and every type of person was represented at the concert. Not the original Grand Ole Opery crowd. That says volumes about her wide appeal and how truly loved she is. I can't wait to hear what she does next. Hope it's a movie.....
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