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Coat of Many Colors children's book by Dolly

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Coat of Many Colors children's book by Dolly

Postby amandasantc on Fri May 02, 2008 12:18 am

Hi All. Amanda's Ant C here...writing in to see if anyone has any knowledge of how I can obtain another copy of the illustrated children's book by Dolly about her song "Coat of Many Colors."

I gave mine away to my middle niece when she was just about 6 years old. Some of you can relate to how hard it is to get attention when you are a middle child and overwhelmed, personality-wise, by your siblings. Amanda was basically quiet and somewhat introverted compared to her boisterous sisters.

I shared my love of reading and learning with my eldest niece and was passing it on to Amanda. I did it by letting her know how much this book meant to me and how much Dolly has positively influenced my life. We spent many hours with her sounding out the words and discussing the meaning of the story. Being the middle child, you sometimes feel you are left out and don't get your share of stuff and Amanda was this way. At that time, she worried about who got the biggest, the best, the newest stuff from others...from food to toys, books and clothes...typical kiddie stuff.

Reading the book together, talking about how it is not money that makes a person rich, but having love, being loved and loving others is what truly makes one rich/successful, not money, riches or fame brought us closer together. She became so enamored of the story and its' meaning that she kept trying for the rest of her visit to share the truth of the story and her reading skills with the rest of the family. It was so inspiring to see how her little eyes lit up with wonder at having learned something so significant.

When her family left, they were on their way to another duty station in Georgia. As a special surprise to the girls, my sister and her husband planned a trip to Dollyworld in Pigeon Forge, TN. They did all the fun rides and games and then took the girls to one of the shows who's entertainers sang songs written by Dolly. My sister said when Amanda heard the song and recognized it as the story from the book she so loved, her eyes just got big as saucers and she exclaimed, "That's my story...that's my story from Aunt Cheryl." She sat through the song with a look of wonder on her face and just kept talking and talking about it and wanting to call me and tell me all about it after the show.

Talk about having a positive life-long affect on someone, Dolly did it and didn't even know about it. But I am so thankful for that book. All of my nieces and I are fairly close, but Amanda and I have the most in common with out love of music, singing, reading and helping others.

This is why I am trying to find this "hard to find" book. I gave mine to my niece, but I sure would love to purchase a copy for myself as a heart-memory keepsake. Thanks for listening to me unwind...I am excited about the book and Dolly as my nieces will be here at the end of May for a two week visit. They are getting so big now and time flies, but building these memories together is something we try to ensure and share even from long distance.

I am so glad God gave us Dolly.
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Re: Coat of Many Colors children's book by Dolly

Postby dolly1441 on Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:22 pm

go to your local book store and have them order it for you. i got mine from barnes and noble they ordered for me.
sincerley. kaelyn :D
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