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Interesting dolly story, IM SELLING MY WHOLE COLLECTION!!

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Interesting dolly story, IM SELLING MY WHOLE COLLECTION!!

Postby bettergettolivin on Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:55 pm

I am planning on emigrating in the next 12 months, therefore i need to sell my Dolly Parton Collection. I am so sad, I love my collection, it is rather extensive, and i will be very sorry to let it go, but needs must. My partner and i are living in separate countrys right now and "i need the money" . Well the first thing listed is...MY DOLLY PINBALL MACHINE!!!...heres the link.. ... 0404109420

you may need to copy and paste the link..

If you click on sellers other items then you should see a whole bunch more i have put for auction. inc, 9-5 (original life size cut outs along with 3 others) picture lps, eps, dollywood jackets and pictures t-shirts, the list is endless, i have been listing for three days ive listed 80 + items gone through 4 boxes and still have 3 to go! so if the wind happens to carry you, pop on over and take a look


Donna x
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