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Dolly Contributes Music To Upcoming Film

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Dolly Contributes Music To Upcoming Film

Postby Chris on Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:30 am

Dolly has contributed several new songs to an upcoming independent film called First Dog starring Dan Aykroyd and Eric Roberts. The story revolves around a little boy named Danny Milbright who discovers Teddy, the President’s dog, who is lost thousands of miles from home. Danny runs away from his foster home to set out on an adventure to return Teddy back to the White House. No word yet on how many of Dolly’s songs will be included in the film, but fans can check out a letter from Dolly and listen to a sampling of one of her songs that was contributed to the film on the film’s official website. The film is being shot over the next two weeks in Morgan Hill, California. A short blurb about the shooting of the film is available from The Morgan Hill Times.
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