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Taking out the trash, Dolly-style

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Taking out the trash, Dolly-style

Postby pinky on Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:53 pm

Early this morning, garbage bags and empty boxes lined Plankinton Avenue just south of Wells Street. They were tossed out of tour busses and left for city crews to pick up. Who was the litterbug? None other than Ms. Dolly Parton.

That's right, Parton brought her "Backwoods Barbie" tour to the Riverside Theater Monday night, but her crew left behind some of the their party as trash lined Plankinton Avenue just outside where the country music legend's tour buses were parked.

I have nothing against Parton (I'm a big country music fan) but come on Dolly, can't you teach your crew to not litter our streets? It's common courtesy in a city that came out strong to support you and your band.

I know there are bigger issues in Milwaukee today, but it's these little things that bug me. And, honestly if Widespread Panic, which was in town a few weekends ago, can keep themselves from leaving their trash on our streets, I'd like to think that a Country Music Hall of Famer could do the same.

Give a hoot, don't pollute. ... trash.html
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