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memere move's

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2008 8:39 am
by Dolly.R.Parton
Unlikly Angel wus the firts Dolly Parton move i ever soll and thats howe me geting into Dolly started for me Hanna montana gust ended the episd with her in it and i wus going throw her the chanals and to find a show and i soll her and cep woching and it sed "Next Unlikly Angel staring Dolly Parton" I wuch and you cudent tare me from that tv and after thar wus a show abot staer's life and it wus Dollys for the next cupul of days i wucht smoky monten Chrismas and thats wene i fialy went on line and i herd her sige snd soll how funy she wus but i also sole how much she cars abut famaly kids and espeshale her mucic thats wene i got hokt