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Pay It Forward--Thank You

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Pay It Forward--Thank You

Postby completestranger on Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:22 am

This is a bit strange to me and I don't usually do this type of thing but I have been so moved that I had to pass this on and HOPEFULLY my thanks will reach the intended recipient as well as any others that feel inclinded to read. So here goes and take this for what it is worth, My OPINION and my opinion only........I watched the A&E Biography this morning (on accident, couldn't sleep due to hangover head ache) as there is nothing on TV at 8am on Saturday morning besides cartoons, news and this.
I was flipping between CNN and A&E and I began to listen to this story of Dolly Parton. Pardon me, but I have never been a fan, can't stand country music but by no means a hater, just indifferent. Of course I know who she is and my perception of her was county singer, turned actress, song writer and of course, heavy on top and maybe even a bit ditsy but never paid enough attention to draw a conclusion. I did see the movie 9-5 and enjoyed it, very funny but it wasn't enough for me to venture further. I am 30 and grew up my early years overseas (army brat), my folks didn't listen to county so I just never was exposed, I guess.
Either way, back to the point....I start to pay attention to this amazing story of a woman that has overcome so many obsticles throughout her life, and maybe, unknowingly paved the path for many to follow. Doing so in a manner that is seemingly selfless and unconditional, 2 things that I didn't think existed anymore.
All we hear about anymore is violence, death, mischief, blah, blah blah...negative, negative, negative.....don't get me wrong, I am just as guilty as rest and I get it. It sells. We buy (me included). I understand that we live in a world that is driven by this cause I live here too.
Most of the time life seems impossible and we run a rat race after societys ideals and notions of grandure. Searching for the idea of happiness and believing that we can be truly happy if we just have more, achieve more, etc. I'm guilty of this too....I was laid off 2 months ago, a victim of the sub-prime mortgage industry demise. I can't find a decent job making the money I was before, savings is dwindling down and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Last night I drownded my sorrow with the same people that I always do who, by the way, are in the same boat as myself. Divorced, single, jobless and drunk, I was.
Now, as I winced at the self inflicted pain in my temple that was the reason for my early rising, this biography of your beloved Dolly caught my attention. At first I heard bits and pieces, the normal growing up bit, overcoming adversity, and it was all impressive; wanting more, working hard, etc., etc. but the thing that caught my attention was the sheer nieveness and matter-of-fact attitude that she seemed to exude while acomplishing these feets. Her attitude was as if it was what she was expected to do (ie. she had the same attitude that we would have about getting up and getting ready for school in the morning). Dolly seemed nonchalant, as if her accomplishments were normal. She simply said, "I'm going to do this." , put her mind to it and sure enough did it and again, and again and did it again. It also seems as though she had a bit of luck, good timing and was fortunate enough to have the right people there to help. Things seemed to fall into place rather nicely, like it was all meant to be and it ususlly does not happen the way. I'm not knocking her accomplishements rather I'm pointing out how things happen for a reason. Her cards were delt and she played them perfectly BUT the difference here is that she PAID IT FORWARD from the beginning and didn't even seem to think twice about it...EVER. Her constant strive to succeed and do her absolute best and being able to do so while maintaining a sincere jovial and happy attitude it downright AMAZING. Her ability to do this is backed by the testimony of those around her. She never asks for anything in return.....SERIOUSLY, SHE DOES THIS OUT OF SHEER KINDNESS. I'm sorry to be so moved by this but I haven't seen this from any human being in a long time and I, for one, have been humbled, relieved, renewed and refreshed. I am a true believer in Karma and I think that everything happens for a reason and today I was supposed to be hung-over and up at 8 (on a SAT) to catch this bio on a wonderful, caring , kind, honest, and most importantly, true person. Today reminded me that this selfless and unconditional behavior is still out there and that is exactly what I needed today. For that I thank you. Thank you for reminding me that good still exists. Thank you for reminding me that the most fulfuilling things in life are the one's we do and expect nothing in return. Thank you for being who you are and remember that nothing you do goes unnoticed and you may be suprised at the number of people that you affect in a way that you may never even know (isn't knowing half the battle?). You have inspirerd me and countless others (I'm sure) just by being yourself and holding true to your convictions, beliefs and by acting on them and making a diference. YOu have PAID IT FORWARD by giving back selflessly and in return (not by your request) you have achieved what most search for their entire lives and few achieve, happiness. Here's to you for being an inspiration to a stranger that knew practically nothing about you until this morning and now I will never forget you. You have touched my life an a way that I have done my best to describe above.......if you don't understand, no worries, I WILL PAY IT FORWARD and hopefully touch someone's life as you have mine. That is the best thanks I can think to give. Know that you are the inspiration behind it and I hope it is infectious and spreads as yours has to me.
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