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Playlist (Compilation of RCA material)

PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2008 6:04 pm
by shady pines ma
Has anyone seen this or others like it from Sony BMG yet?


1. Joshua
2. Coat Of Many Colors
3. Touch Your Woman
4. Mission Chapel Memories
5. In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)
6. My Tennessee Mountain Home
7. Jolene
8. I Will Always Love You
9. Lonely Comin' Down
10. Love Is Like A Butterfly
11. The Bargain Store
12. Here You Come Again
13. 9 To 5
14. Islands In The Stream [With Kenny Rogers]

Sound quality is excellent, as is the song selection. The Amazon price of $12.99 is a little steep considering that I got it at Wal Mart (or as I affectionately call it, Wal Fart :lol: ) for $6.88. They're packaged in eco-friendly cardboard and paperboard packaging and have no physical liner notes, and the case is SUPER thin. Even thinner than Backwoods Barbie cause there's no plastic tray for the CD to sit in - it just sits in this kinda pocket. (Not the kind of pocket some CDs like Celine, Mariah, Colbie Callait, or Sheryl Crow have been coming in - this one's a little easier to remove the CD from and put the CD back in.) The liner notes are digital and can be accessed by putting the CD in your CD drive, but you must have the latest version of Adobe Reader to access them. But it's got photos, wallpapers, song credits, etc. Since I don't have a lot of actual Dolly CDs, it was actually a very good purchase for me. Great quality versions of some great Dolly hits and some hard-to-find tracks too. :D And at $7, the price was nice too.

Re: Playlist (Compilation of RCA material)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:42 pm
by ShowPony1
I bought this CD from Walmart when I was in the US in August. Its got a good mix of songs on it, even if I already have them all 20 times over lol... - I like the way they did the cover artwork and the photos and liner notes are a bonus too! :)