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Did you see Dolly recently? Spill all the details here...


Postby musicalgurl1 on Fri Aug 15, 2008 10:21 am

Dolly was absolutely AMAZING last night!! She was SO pretty and her voice was absolutely flawless!! She pointed at me on one of her songs it was SO cool!! We also got to c Dolly getting off her tour bus b4 the show! me, my mom , and a few other people were singing Dolly songs @ the top of our lungs (Hoping she'd get off the bus sooner). after the show, i talked to her security guard Brian, cause i wanted to c if dolly could sign my tour book, but we had just missed her he said. He also said that Dolly and her crew herd us singing b4 the show, and dolly herself thought it was cool, and that we sounded great and like we were ready to PARTY!! i was also lucky enough to get a few good quick pictures!! if u EVER have the oppurtunity 2 C Dolly in concert--- DONT MISS IT 4 THE WORLD!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I LOVE U DOLLY!!!!!!!
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