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Dolly in Omaha Ne

PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:12 pm
by dollyfan32
Just wanted to say I went to see Dolly at the Qwest in Omaha and she was amazing! I have been a fan for so many years. The only thing I felt bad for was that there were only about 2000 fans there, but they cheered thier hearts out! I cannot believe how much energy the woman has and I do not believe for one minute that she lip synced(sp?) her way through, there was way too much going on. She sang classics and new and did a wonderful job with both, she did her cover of "Drives me Crazy" and I thought that was a tad goofy, but fun. She looked beautiful and still has that strong voice. I watched her on American Idol and didn't care for her voice in the song she sang, but she nailed it the other night! I will go again when, if she comes back! Def go if you get the chance!!!!!!!!