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in awe over Dolly in Sacramento!

Did you see Dolly recently? Spill all the details here...

in awe over Dolly in Sacramento!

Postby TLC11 on Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:47 pm

I have loved Dolly since I was 11 years old! Now, 43! :o I was Finally fortunate enough to see Dolly in concert!! I took all three kids..( who are all in their teens) with me! We got Fourth row :!: (side seats,but very close to the stage!) I was in :arrow: Heaven :mrgreen: the entire evening! When Dolly came out, she took my breath away she looked just like an Angel! So Beautiful. Her voice, WOW!! She put on an outstanding show! Listening to Dolly talk.... I was all :? ears, as I think she is SO interesting to listen to! A time or two she would say, she needed to stop talking and start singing, and how we came to listen to her sing, but I loved both!! She is such an interesting person!! I would have loved nothing more than to hear more about her life and childhood. In fact, I did read Dolly's book quite a few years ago, and I just asked for my book back from my youngest daughter, who also read it. I can't wait to find the time to sit and reread it again! :geek: !! LOL

Dolly's show was....the best concert I have ever been too. Even all my kids were all glued to Dolly and were especially amazed by her as well. Dolly is one classy lady! Very impressive to see all the instruments that Dolly plays! WOW! Her voice echoed throughout and touched our souls for sure!! We all thought she ended the concert with "I will always love you" which was so sad, because it was the end of the concert and well the song of course is always my all time favorite! Dolly then left the stage, but soon returned looking just like an Angel, and she captured everyone with "Jesus and Gravity". It could not have been a better concert, excpet if I were even more fortune with meeting her in person. :mrgreen:

I have tried before to see Dolly in concert, but plans feel through. One time was back in 1982 when she was going to be at the state fair in Sacramento. I was living in Wyoming at the time and traveled to Cali to visit family and to see Dolly!! Unfortunately Dolly became ill and canceled the concert tour. It was a huge upset, but more so i was so worried about Dolly and her health! I remember my Granddad driving me to Vacaville to sign a mile long get well card that a local restaurant was going to send to Dolly!!!

Dolly if you ever read these, I have to say that you look fabulous! You look younger than i do! Healthy and talk about a lot of spunk and energy up there dancing and you are just so Beautiful inside and out!!!
I feel so blessed and Thank you for such a wonderful evening!! I could not be more proud to say that Dolly Parton has and always will be my favorite singer!!
~Tammy H.
Arbuckle, CA.
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